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Dot Grid is a podcast by and for people who love technology of any era or level of timelessness. People who love sharpening pencils and writing HTML, who take notes on an iPad or a legal pad. We explore topics that involve both analog and digital — productivity, creativity, travel, journaling and more. Join us!

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    Episode 18: There is a Fire in Bedroom Two

    Today, after a long talk about video games and, er, internet coming-of-age stories, Will and Andy talk about “smart home” devices — wi-fi enabled lightbulbs, digital assistant dinguses, sentient refrigerators and fancy speakers. Andy confesses his home is completely dumb, but after the techno-apocalypse, he won’t be locked out of his home and car like Will. Warning: Andy and Will forget and say (literally) triggering words that may summon your always-listening dingus to life. Proceed with that knowledge.

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    Episode 17: Podcasters Got Opinions

    Will and Andy are talking about subscriptions, both analog and digital. This is especially relevant as of late, as big apps like Day One and Ulysses have decided to switch to the subscription model. What mental processes do we go through when making a decision to subscribe to something? How does the subscription model benefit the maker?

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    Episode 16: A Notebook with a Manbun

    Will and Andy are back! Again! And this time, they’re making a commitment to staying back for you, the listeners. Today’s episode catches you up on what’s new in their lives, personally and professionally, and what tools and workflows they’re using that have changed. Plus: they document how Millennials are, indeed, ruining literally everything. At least according to the news.

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    Episode 14: Digital Online Audio Publication

    Will and Andy sit down to (finally!) record another episode, and this time, they're talking about work. Specifically, how they work, what they use, and how much coffee it takes to get going in the morning.

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    Episode 13: Like Uber, but for Pictures

    In this episode, Will and Andy step around the junk piles and into the world of clutter — both in their houses and in their computers. They talk about saving old files, explore some feels around archiving and digitizing family photos, and how to decide what to throw away and what to keep.

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    Episode 12: App Sand Mandalas

    To celebrate Will's first-ever MacBook, he and Andy spend some time talking about the apps that are must-haves for them, and what they install first when setting up a new computer. From backup programs to launchers, there's a lot of Mac talk going on here.

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    Episode 11: Reading

    Better late than never, Will and Andy dig an episode out of the vault to talk about reading in all its analog and digital glory.

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    Episode 10: Prosumer Giffer with Dr. Chase Nordengren

    This week, Will and Andy sit down with Dr. Chase Nordengren to talk about the analog and digital tools he used when writing his dissertation. They also talk about how quickly some digital tools change while analog tools are just as reliable as always.

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